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ARIS Summit 2021

May 10 2021 to May 13 2021
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Tips and Tricks: Step by Step NSF ATE Proposal Forms Preparation

May 12 2021
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InnovATEBIO Leadership Institute

Jun 7 2021 to Jun 17 2022

Biomedical Emerging Technology Applications (BETA Skills)...

Jun 9 2021 to Jun 30 2021
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Jun 29 2021 to Jul 1 2021
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HI-TEC 2021 Virtual

Jul 21 2021 to Jul 22 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News March 2021

  • Welcome to March 2021
  • Developing and Implementing a Biotechnology Program
  • Montgomery College Biotech Bootcamp for Displaced Workers
  • What is so hard about making a few billion vaccine doses?
  • Learning about the Science of COVID-19
  • New Funding Opportunities for Two-Year Colleges
  • Empowering Students to Recognize and Foster More Inclusive Workplaces
  • InnovATEBIO Leadership Institute
  • Exploring Career Opportunities in Shared Research Facilities
  • BioMADE Education and Workforce Development Workshop
  • Registration is Open for ASMCUE
  • HI-TEC call for proposals
  • Community College Innovation Challenge
  • Important Dates

InnovATEBIO Online News February 2021

  • Welcome to February 2021
  • Dr. Fauci and Dr. Leroy Hood chat about COVID-19
  • InnovATEBIO Spring 2021 Webinar Series: Developing, Sustaining & Utilizing an Alumni Network for Student Recruitment & Retention
  • Call for Applications: InnovATEBIO Undergraduate Research Experiences
  • InnovATEBIO Leadership Institute
  • InnovATEBIO Webinar: Empowering Students to Recognize and Foster More Inclusive Workplaces
  • Professional Development from BETA Skills
  • Strategies for Preparing YOUR Next ATE Project Proposal
  • NSF Proposal Development Course by STELAR
  • Open Datasets Support Virtual Science Education
  • Syllabus for Teaching Stem Cell Biology
  • Gloucester Biotechnology Academy Lead Teacher Wanted
  • Important Dates

InnovATEBIO Online News January 2021

  • Welcome to January 2021
  • GBCC grads are making COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Soon may the vaccine come
  • InnovATEBIO Webinar series on CRISPR
  • Mini-Symposium on Agricultural Biotechnology
  • InnovATEBIO webinar:  Utilizing an Alumni Network
  • InnovATEBIO Undergraduate Research Experiences
  • InnovATEBIO Leadership Institute
  • ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators
  • Genome Startup Day
  • STEM Global Educator Workshop
  • ARIS Summit 2021
  • AgBiotech Curriculum from the FDA
  • Undergraduate Research Experience in DNA Sequencing
  • Biotech Jobs
  • Important Dates

InnovATEBIO Online News December 2020

  • Welcome to December 2020
  • Connecting with Industry through the ABRF
  • Spotlight on Careers:  Senior Assembly Technician
  • Vision & Change Grant Opportunity from NSF DUE
  • InnovATEBIO 5 for 5 Webinar: Biomanufacturing
  • CCSF Virtual Biosymposium Fall 2020
  • Faculty Internships with National Labs
  • InnovATEBIO Webinar Series on CRISPR
  • Tenure Track Faculty Position in Montana
  • Student Internships at National Labs
  • Join the PDA Student Chapter
  • Important Dates

InnovATEBIO Online News November 2020

  • Welcome to November 2020
  • Become an InnovATEBIO AgBiotech Community Hub
  • Glendale Community College Alum vs. COVID-19
  • Vacaville Commits to Biomanufacturing and Solano College
  • AC2 Bio-Link Biomanufacturing Workshop
  • Apply Now: Evaluateur-CURE Pilot Testing
  • Work With Your Peers through QUBES
  • Important Dates

InnovATEBIO Online News October 2020

  • Welcome to October 2020
  • MCCC Students Help Diagnose COVID-19
  • Laney, Merritt, and MiraCosta Colleges Learn How to Kit
  • What is it Like to Work in a Biotech Career?
  • InnovATEBIO Community Meetings: Continuing
  • Learn About the Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE)
  • NIH Virtual Community College Day
  • Allen Institute Virtual Field Trips Seminar Series
  • Survey on Virtual Internships during COVID-19
  • #URExchange
  • Important Dates
biotech student

Alumna success: Harford Community College to the DEVCOM Army Research Lab

cell culture

Core lab careers - providing the infrastructure for modern research

Alumni at Work: Research Associate II Antibody Discovery

Alumni at Work: Renewable Energy and Bioproducts Technician

Alumni at Work: Associate Scientist I Biomanufacturing

Alumni at Work: Biomanufacturing Senior Associate

Cell biologist

Alumni at Work: Assistant Cell Biologist

glowing material in test tube

The National Science Foundation is recognizing the importance of biotechnology

Alumni at Work: From Madison College to Graduate School in Pharmacology

students learning biotech

Montgomery College Uses a Biotech Bootcamp to Fill a Critical Need and Target Displaced Workers for COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturing