About ATE Biotechnology Projects

A mission of the InnovATEBIO National Biotechnology Education Center is to support NSF ATE projects related to biotechnology. Briefly, the NSF ATE funding program is interested in helping community colleges develop and improve technological programs, create new curricula, provide professional development to their colleagues within and between institutions, and prepare teachers for the future. Additionally, the NSF ATE program is interested in developing students' business and entrepreneurial skills. The NSF ATE program provides multiple kinds of grants to encourage new participation (New to ATE), develop projects, and support centers such as InnovATEBIO.

The first step in supporting our ATE community is to list our member's projects within the site. This support increases project visibility, and project leaders and their evaluators can work with us to track progress, disseminate information, and promote workshops, webinars, and other collaborative activities.  

Learn more about NSF ATE funding by reading the program solicitation. To learn how we can help and add your project, contact us.

Learn more about the ATE Biotech projects

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