Atlanta Technical College Bioscience Emerging Technician Project

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Project Description:

The overall vision of the Bioscience Emerging Technician project at Atlanta Technical College is to increase the knowledge of emerging bioscience career opportunities among groups historically underserved in STEM in the metropolitan Atlanta area. This three-year project plans to engage dual-enrollment students in unique summer workshops, support an industry speaker’s series, provide tours of biotechnology companies, and develop a first-year experience seminar course. These experiences will be designed to teach students the skills they will need for employment in the field. Students who complete the three-semester program can earn a Bioscience Technology Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC). The Bioscience Emerging Technicians Project will facilitate the direct connection between students and individuals employed in biotechnology companies in the greater Atlanta area. Overall this project will support the state's growing bioscience industry with an expanded pool of highly skilled individuals for technician-level workforce needs.

The Bioscience Emerging Technicians project aims to increase the number of dual enrollment students in the field of bioscience by connecting them early with industry representatives and on-site experiences. The project goals are to 1) recruit and enroll dual- enrollment students in the bioscience technology program, 2) increase awareness of bioscience career opportunities through specialized activities, and 3) increase the graduation rate of Bioscience Emerging Technician Program students in comparison to the college's graduation rate. Activities to reach these goals include open-houses for families to learn about the program, the creation of a summer bioscience workshop, the revision of laboratory exercises and the establishment of a first-year seminar focused on biotechnology career exploration. The project will also increase engagement with bioscience industry via a speaker’s series and on-site tours of facilities and the creation of a Bioscience business and industry leadership team (BILT). 

Project PI: 
Barry Bates
Host Organization: Atlanta Technical College
Other Collaborators: 
Amanda Daniels, CoPI, Atlanta Technical College
Grant number: DUE 2202152
Project Contact Info: 
Atlanta Technical College Atlanta GA