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Dr. Joseph Oleniczak's Canvas modules on biotechnology in Spain and Iceland Dr. Oleniczak's travels were funded by: 1. The Sakura Science Exchange Program - This programs provides an opportunity to study biotech in Japan. 2. NSF Dear Colleague Letter, NSF 19-057 : International Training and Education in Advanced Technologies (ATE-I) describes opportunities for studying international biotech. 3. The Fulbright program. The second video (below) is shows Dr. Kristy Shuda McGuire and one of Wistar's students, appearing on Good Day Philadelphia. Read more


Description : NISTCHO cells are a newly released recombinant cell line that produce cNISTmAb, an industry relevant, open access monoclonal antibody to RSV. The NISTCHO cell line was developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and MilliporeSigma and is available as a research grade test material (RGTM 10197). A lab-based curriculum has been developed to facilitate the use of the NIST CHO cell line in biomanufacturing courses and workforce development programs. Standard operating procedures, batch records and corresponding data will be shared for small scale NIST CHO growth and mAb production. Outcomes of undergraduate research projects on ... Read more


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