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Talk 1: Instructing CRISPR-based gene editing for technician training programs Dr. John McDowell talks about developing materials and incorporating CRISPR into the classroom. Information on the curriculum is available at the Gene Editing Institute . Talk 2: Biotech-Careers student impacts and a new game for career exploration Dr. Sandra Porter presents an overview of, discusses data from college students and introduces Biotechopoly™ Antibody Edition, a game for introducing careers in biotechnology careers and concepts in the process of drug development and GMPs. Test Biotechopoly™ Antibody Edition . Other Biotechnology Games : 1. Biomanufacturing Trivial Pursuit from Dr. Jan Chalupny, ... Read more


Lisa Seidman
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Dr. Linnea Fletcher presented an overview of the event that InnovATEBIO is planning for June 2023 in Washington D.C. The event is titled "The Future of the Bioscience Workforce ." This event is a follow up to the Biotech Summit that Bio-Link held in 2008 on Educating Technicians for Future Needs ( read the report) . Read more
Description : Students often struggle to perform the math calculations required in biotechnology classes and jobs. It is therefore common for students, teachers, and employers to think that these students can’t “do” math. In reality, average students have the math skills required to perform the majority of commonplace biotechnology calculations. But they have difficulty finding and applying appropriately the math tools they possess. In our upcoming webinar on October 14th, a biotechnology instructor and a math instructor will come together to talk about strategies to help students develop the skills and confidence they need to solve math-related challenges. We will ... Read more