Mammalian Cell Culture

This course, from City College San Francisco, teaches the techniques necessary to maintain mammalian cells in culture. The course includes a laboratory exercise using mouse embryonic stem cells (takes 3 weeks to complete). Laboratory exercises provide instruction in basic techniques of routine cell culture using common cell lines before progressing to differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells. Photographs and explanations of common equipment (laminar flow hood, inverted microscope, etc.) and reagents are provided. Laboratory exercises include the following: Basic Aseptic Technique; Media Preparation; Plating cells from frozen stock; Cell counting and plating; Survival assay (UV); Live Cell Identification; Transfection; Freezing cells; Stem cell differentiation. A student manual and an instructor manual are provided. The course is taught to high school students but the materials are also used for college students.

Additional Materials:

Problem Sets

Quizzes and Exams

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