Database Reports

Dynamic reports about InnovATEBIO college programs and high school affiliates, K12- college partnerships, grant funding, contract service labs (CSOs) and incubators, and other information are provided in several reports complied from the database. Click on a title to view the report's data.  

Report Description
Articulation agreements Lists all the InnovATEBIO (formerly Bio-Link) programs and any schools that they have articulation agreements with.  This also shows where students from InnovATEBIO programs have continued their education.
Biotech employers For each program that has provided data, lists the companies where the program's students have been employed.
College Navigator Lists the programs and their college navigator links. College Navigator, developed by the National Center for Educational Statistics (US Department of Education), provides general statistics about colleges in the United States.  
Degrees and certificates Lists each kind of degree / certificate topic, and provides the number of programs offering that degree or certificate topic along with the number degrees, number of certificates, and both degrees and certificates for all programs in the database. 
Funding, CSOs, Incubators For each program, lists whether it has/had grant support, has a CSO or incubator, and its K-12 partners.
K-12 Affiliate members Lists the K-12 affiliates and their InnovATEBIO (formerly Bio-Link) partners along with the affiliate's number of InnovATEBIO (formerly Bio-Link) members, their names. Dual credit partners, who are InnovATEBIO members, are also shown. 
Program degrees, etc For each program, lists the numbers of degrees, or certificates, or both that are offered along with the degree/certificate topics.   
Program members For each program, lists its InnovATEBIO (formerly Bio-Link) members. 
Programs by state Lists the states that have InnovATEBIO (formerly Bio-Link) programs along with the number of programs and K-12 affiliates in that state. 
Programs & affiliates by date Lists programs and K-12 affiliates along with their date added. Summarizes the numbers added by year. Note, for this report time begins in mid 2015 when the website and its data were updated. 
Minority Serving Institutions For minority serving institutions, the report lists each program and its minority serving institution status.