Bioprocess Instrumentation and Control

Bioprocess instrumentation and control programs prepare students for positions in pharmaceutical manufacturing, bioprocessing (which generally refers to the processing of agricultural commodities into products), media preparation, bioenergy production (e.g. ethanol and biodiesel), and the food processing industry.  This program emphasizes Instrumentation with typical job titles:  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician, Control Systems Technician, Programmable Logic Controller Technician, Process Technician, Validation Technician, Instrumentation Technician, Calibration Technician, Automation Technician.

Courses may include chemistry, biology, laboratory math, foundational courses in English, as well as introductory computer science, and work experience through internships are often also part of a program. Students will acquire knowledge of FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and learn how to service programmable logic controllers, final control transducer elements, calibrate and validate equipment and robots commonly used in industry.