Learn About Biotech Workforce Education

Biotechnology programs at two-year colleges are responsible for educating many of the technicians who work in the biotechnology and life science industries. In the US, over 750 biotech-related employers, in 1400 locations, have hired students from community college biotech programs.

Many InnovATEBIO college programs have industry advisory boards that help programs learn about and work with their local companies.

On a national level, since a large part of InnovATEBIO's mission is to help colleges prepare technicians for the workforce, InnovATEBIO has its own industry advisory board, called the National Industry and Workforce Advisory Council or more simply, the NAC.

InnovATEBIO also works with state biotech trade associations to advocate on behalf of the biotech programs, faculty, and students, and make sure that companies know that InnovATEBIO programs prepare students for professional careers with opportunities for advancement. 

The two primary channels that InnovATEBIO uses to "listen" to industry are:

If you work in the biotech industry and would like to get more involved in workforce education, please contact us.

85 InnovATEBIO members have industry advisory boards