ATE Project Talks: Cell Therapy, Flow Cytometry and High School Work-based Learning


Fri, May 3 2024
Loading a flow cytometer

One of these ATE projects is creating new certificates in cell and gene therapy and flow cytometry, the other focuses on using work-based learning to build a pathway from high school to community college. Read more

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Talk 1: Development of a hands-on Flow Cytometry Curriculum An FCC instructor operating a flow cytometer Photo credit: Savita Prabhakar Description : This presentation will focus on the progress made in creating a cost-effective, industry-validated Flow cytometry training. With support from the Building a Cell Therapy and Flow Cytometry Workforce NSF ATE grant, FCC has successfully trained 32 students in fundamental Flow cytometry skills. Additionally, the curriculum has been disseminated to the Northeast Biomanufacturing Center & Collaborative (NBC2) (, to facilitate the introduction of hands-on flow cytometry curriculum in other biotech programs nationwide. Speaker : Savita Prabhakar, PhD, PI Frederick ... Read more