ATE Project Talks: Regenerative Medicine Workforce and Biotech Careers


Fri, Feb 16 2024

The first talk will address educating technicians for the emerging field of regenerative medicine. The second talk will be on the new skills database at and a game for teaching about careers, business concepts, and GLPs, and GMPs. Read more

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In Talk 1: Dr. Gary Green discussed their grant program aimed at increasing knowledge and application of regenerative medicine among K-12, community college, and HBCU faculty. The program included faculty development activities and the development of an educational ecosystem for regenerative medicine. The team also developed webinars and published articles to provide foundational training and education. Check out earlier presentations from this project: From Curriculum to Workforce: How to Bring Regenerative Medicine to Your Students Advances in tissue engineering, bioprinting, and body-on-a-chip technologies In Talk 2: Dr. Sandra Porter discussed updates and features on the website, including a newly ... Read more