InnovATEBIO Biomanufacturing Workshop 2

Thu, Jun 3 2021 to Fri, Jun 4 2021

This biomanufacturing workshop was the second of 2 sessions. The first virtual biomanufacturing workshop was hosted by the AC2 Bio-Link Regional Center in December 2020. View presentations from the AC2 Biomanufacturing Workshop

In this second virtual session, curriculum experts and industry representatives talked about manufacturing monoclonal antibodies, cell and gene therapy, teaching supply chain concepts, biotech skill standards, and synthetic ... Read more

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Presenter : Dr. Linnea Fletcher, Department Chair, Biotechnology Department Executive Director, InnovATE BIO National Biotechnology Education Center, Austin Community College View presentations from the AC2 Biomanufacturing Workshop, December 2020 Read more
Presenter: Dr. James DeKloe, Professor, director and founder of the Industrial Biotechnology program at Solano College. Read more
Presenter: Dr. Margaret Bryans, Principal Investigator, NBC2 Professor and Coordinator of the Biotechnology Program Montgomery County Community College Read more
Presenter : Isso Bayala Instructor of Biotechnology Good Manufacturing Practice & Chromatography Quincy College Read more
Presenters : Dr. Margaret Bryans, Montgomery County Community College Dr. James DeKloe, Solano College Read more
Presenter : Yakov Cherner President, ATeL - Advanced Tools for e-Learning Read more
Presenter : Linnea Fletcher Department Chair, Biotechnology, Austin Community College Executive Director, InnovATEBIO National Biotechnology Education Center Read more
Presenters : Nick Kapp, Professor in the Biology department, Skyline College Ying-Tsu Loh, Associate Director, Bay Area Bioscience Education Community (BABEC) Read more
Presenter : Bridgette Kirkpatrick, Professor, Biotechnology Program, Collin College Read more
Moderator : Bridgette Kirkpatrick, Collin College, TX Speakers : Karley Malone Cassandra Mitchell-Nothaus Shanika Livingston Read more