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Fri, Dec 2 2022
This meeting has been canceled and will be rescheduled in the new year.

Did you know that students use your InnovATEBIO program pages when they decide where to attend college?

You can make your page more appealing to students, and possibly improve recruiting, by updating the information on your page.

We are happy to help.

In this community conversation, we will discuss:

what information do adult students and high school students want to see on a program page, and how does this differ? Share examples of program pages that led to student recruitment and some of ... Read more
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Fri, Nov 18 2022

Description : The supply chain hub has been creating a set of wonderful materials for teachers to implement. The presenters will discuss the current supply chain ATE grant and the ongoing work in developing curriculum and materials.

Presenters : Dr. Ying-Tsu Loh, Dr. Terri Quenzer

An overview of the Bay area supply chain. Image credit: Dr. Ying-Tsu Loh

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Fri, Nov 18 2022

Learn more about biotech in Florida! If you are in the Lake Nona area, check out the Biotech Biosymposium and learn what students have been doing in their internships.

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Wed, Oct 26 2022 to Fri, Oct 28 2022
Logo for IEDB

The Immune Epitope Database and Analysis Program (IEDB) is a freely available resource funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to advance immunology research. It catalogs experimental data on antibody and T cell epitopes studied in humans, non-human primates, and other animal species in the context of infectious disease, allergy, autoimmunity and transplantation. The IEDB also hosts tools to assist in the prediction and analysis of epitopes. The IEDB team will be hosting one virtual user workshop over three days, approximately 4 hours a day. The workshop is ... Read more

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Fri, Oct 14 2022
table of pH data from making phosphate buffer

Description : Students often struggle to perform the math calculations required in biotechnology classes and jobs. It is therefore common for students, teachers, and employers to think that these students can’t “do” math. In reality, average students have the math skills required to perform the majority of commonplace biotechnology calculations. But they have difficulty finding and applying appropriately the math tools they possess. In our upcoming webinar on October 14th, a biotechnology instructor and a math instructor will come together to talk about strategies to help ... Read more

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Fri, Oct 7 2022

October 7th is National Manufacturing Day. To celebrate, three InnovATEBIO members will talk about their work on biomanufacturing and biomanufacturing education.

Topics and Speakers :

1. New kits for teaching biomanufacturing concepts in high school
Dr. Jan Chalupny, Shoreline Community College, Cell and Immunotherapy Hub , DUE 2054990

Description : Dr. Chalupny has been working with high shool teacher ... Read more

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Mon, Aug 15 2022 to Thu, Aug 18 2022

INNOVATEBIO, the Algae Foundation, ACC, and ATEC are working in partnership to host an in-person Algae Workshop. Participants will get hands-on experience in multiple lab exercises from starting a culture to harvesting material and DNA isolation. Participants will obtain the information they need to incorporate algae into their existing biotechnology courses.

The workshop is open to a total of 12 participants. Travel and lodging will be covered for participants. ... Read more

Mon, Aug 8 2022 to Thu, Aug 11 2022

The 2nd Virtual Hackathon for Developing CURES in Antibody Engineering will take place August 8-11th, 2022.

Apply today!

More information can be found at Antibody Engineering Hackathon August 2022

This work is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation's Advanced Technological Education program ( ... Read more

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Mon, Aug 8 2022 to Wed, Aug 10 2022

Teaching Biotechnology Skills through DNA Metabarcoding Biodiversity Research
Winston-Salem, NC

Learn how to lead your students in metabarcoding analyses using affordable biochemistry and online tools developed by the DNALC, leveraging next generation sequencing (NGS) to analyze thousands of DNA barcodes from complex mixtures of DNA—representing microbes (microbiomes) or organisms in environmental DNA (eDNA). DNA metabarcoding draws on techniques from molecular biology and introduces students to massively parallel genome analysis, ... Read more

Mon, Jul 25 2022 to Fri, Jul 29 2022
BTC Institute Teacher Course
Biotechnology: The Basics

No course fees and stipends will be provided to successful applicants.
July 25-29, 2022; 9:00am-4:00pm, lunch provided.
Are you interested in incorporating biotechnology topics in your teaching? If your knowledge of biotechnology is limited or you want to brush up on basic biotechnology techniques, this is the course for you! This one-week laboratory-based course is designed to introduce teachers to the fundamentals of biotechnology. Topics include: DNA structure and function gel ... Read more