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InnovATEBIO Online News April 2024

  •     Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News April 2024
  •     Envisioning the Next Bioscience Workforce Summit Report
  •     April is for automation
  •     The Merck Automation Challenge
  •     Congratulations Wistar Institute
  •     Industry Bridge to Faculty in North Carolina
  •     ATE Project Presentations Posted
  •     April ATE Project Talks
  •     Podcast: SynBioBeta's The Inside Track--Biodesign
  •     ATE office hours
  •     Antibody Engineering Hackathon in August
  •     BioMADE Professional Development
  •     Want to write an ATE grant? Check out MentorLinks
  •     NIH Genome Grant
  •     ATE Future Leaders
  •     Summer of Nanopore
  •     NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars
  •     Dept. of Energy Internships in National Labs Fall 2024
  •     Bioscience Career Preparation Series Spring 2024
  •     Events
Issue date: April 2024

InnovATEBIO Online News March 2024

Taking a sample
  •     Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News March 2024
  •     AI in Biotech
  •     Past ATE Project Talks are Available
  •     ATE Project Talks: Self Assessments & Dog DNA
  •     ATE Project Talks: NIST CHO Cells
  •     ATE Project Talks: Dual Credit HS/CC & Wistar's Training Programs
  •     NSF Funding Opportunity: EPIIC
  •     Community College Innovation Challenge
  •     Bioscience Career Preparation Series Spring 2024
  •     Faculty Position: St. Louis Community College
  •     Apprenticeship Coordinator Position: Oregon Bioscience
  •     HI-TEC Fellowships
  •     AACC ATE Future Leader Fellows Program
  •     Events
Issue date: March 2024

InnovATEBIO Online News February 2024

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News February 2024
  • Congratulations Forsyth Technical Community College!
  • Congratulations Ivy Tech Community College
  • InnovATEBIO members are AlgaePrize Competition Finalists
  • Community College Innovation Challenge 2024
  • Presentations posted: Raising awareness and protein biomanufacturing
  • ATE Project Talks: Galvanizing Gaps and Antibody Alchemy
  • ATE Project Talks: Regenerative Medicine and Biotech Careers
  • InnovATEBIO Community Meetings
  • NSF Funding Opportunity:  EPIIC
  • NCI Resources: Learning Data Science
  • Professional Development with HHMI Biointeractive
  • Advance the U.S.Bioeconomy Town Hall Events
  • Bioscience Career Preparation Series Spring 2024
  • Research Opportunity for Undergraduates at NCSU
  • Research Opportunity for Undergraduates at UNLV
  • Paid Internship Opportunity for College Students
  • Instructional Design Opportunity
  • Events
Issue date: February 2024

InnovATEBIO Online News January 2024

Playing Biotechopoly at HI TEC
  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News January 2024
  • Biotechnology in Spain
  • TtGG™ Cancer Genetics Curriculum MiniCourse
  • Touching Base Podcast
  • InnovateBIO Community and State Team Meeting Part II
  • Spring 2024 InnovateBIO ATE Project talks
  • BETA Skills Professional Development Opportunities
  • Submit Proposals Now for ABRF Lightning Talks
  • Send in your Hi-Tec Proposals Now!
  • Pacific Northwest Research Institute Student Opportunity
  • Events
Issue date: January 2024

InnovATEBIO Online News December 2023

MassBay Genomics and Biomanufacturing Centers
  •     Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News December 2023
  •     Two New Centers for Biomanufacturing, Therapeutics and Genomics at MassBay
  •     MiraCosta College's Biomanufacturing Program Makes the Newss
  •     2023 Advanced PCR Techniques Webinar Recordings Available
  •     InnovateBIO Community and State Team Meetings
  •     NSF Grants Virtual Conference
  •     ATE Office Hours with Dr. Carter
  •     Department of Energy Community College internships
  •     GSK Apprenticeships
  •     ISB Undergraduate Research Experience Program
  •     Annual DNA Day Essay Contest
  •     Events
Issue date: December 2023

InnovATEBIO Online News November 2023

November 2023 newsletter
  •     Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News November 2023
  •     Photos from ATE PI conference
  •     Biotechnology education expands to North Carolina high schools
  •     Biotechopoly™ Antibody Edition now available
  •     New Labor Market Analysis on the Cell and Immunotherapy Workforce
  •     New Tech Hubs Designated Across America
  •     NIH/NHGRI Funding Opportunity
  •     ABRF Technology Town Hall: Spotlight on Flow Cytometry
  •     Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships
  •     Berkeley Lab Summer 2024 Internships
  •     NIIMBL eXperience programs in 2024
  •     San Jacinto College is hiring a biomanufacturing instructor
  •     Kentucky is hiring biotech faculty
  •     Events


Issue date: November 2023

InnovATEBIO Online News October 2023

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News October 2023
  • Survey request - Community college lab support
  • Survey request - Evidence based teaching and mentoring
  • The AlgaePrize
  • Advanced PCR:  Water Quality
  • Advanced PCR: Gene Therapy
  • Inclusive Research Mentor-Manager Training
  • IEDB Virtual Workshop
  • NHGRI Community College Grant Opportunity
  • Events
Issue date: October 2023

InnovATEBIO Online News September 2023

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News September 2023
  • InnovATEBIO appears in BioSpace
  • Dr. Sheela Vemu receives awards
  • Contra Costa College biotech student goes to Carnegie
  • Waubonsee students publish on mapping immunogenic regions
  • Metazooa
  • Help your students write a peer-reviewed paper!
  • MNT-EC Journal Writing Workshop
  • Polar STEAM Collaboration Opportunities
  • NSF ATE Program and Mentor-Connect Orientation Webinar
  • Inclusive Research Mentor-Manager Training
  • Faculty position
  • Events
Issue date: September 2023