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InnovATEBIO Online News October 2023

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News October 2023
  • Survey request - Community college lab support
  • Survey request - Evidence based teaching and mentoring
  • The AlgaePrize
  • Advanced PCR:  Water Quality
  • Advanced PCR: Gene Therapy
  • Inclusive Research Mentor-Manager Training
  • IEDB Virtual Workshop
  • NHGRI Community College Grant Opportunity
  • Events
Issue date: October 2023

InnovATEBIO Online News September 2023

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News September 2023
  • InnovATEBIO appears in BioSpace
  • Dr. Sheela Vemu receives awards
  • Contra Costa College biotech student goes to Carnegie
  • Waubonsee students publish on mapping immunogenic regions
  • Metazooa
  • Help your students write a peer-reviewed paper!
  • MNT-EC Journal Writing Workshop
  • Polar STEAM Collaboration Opportunities
  • NSF ATE Program and Mentor-Connect Orientation Webinar
  • Inclusive Research Mentor-Manager Training
  • Faculty position
  • Events
Issue date: September 2023

InnovATEBIO Online News August 2023

InnovATEBIO members visit the CDC museum
  •  Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News August 2023
  •  Dr. Jill Biden talks with the Montgomery College community
  •  Valencia Student Story: Oscar Camargo
  •  Santa Fe Students go to Brazil
  •  HI TEC 2023 Report
  •  ATE Office Hours - Community Colleges & Economic Development Research
  •  Events
Issue date: August 2023

InnovATEBIO Online News July 2023

Dr. Linnea Fletcher and sponsors
  •     Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News July 2023
  •     Recap of Envisioning Biotech Summit
  •     Video: BACE Helps Technicians Meet Industry Standards
  •     Workforce skills for regenerative medicine
  •     New articles by InnovATEBIO members
  •     2023 Life Sciences Workforce Trends Report
  •     Building the Bioworkforce of the Future
  •     ASMCUE updates!
  •     MentorLinks Deadline Extended: July 14th
  •     What to expect when you're expecting HI TEC
  •     Events
Issue date: July 2023

InnovATEBIO Online News June 2023

  •     Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News June 2023
  •     Linnea Fletcher on the Biotech Summit
  •     InnovATEBIO at the ABRF conference
  •     Undergraduate Research Experience Skills Workshop
  •     Visiting the Future of Biotech at SynBioBeta
  •     Podcast: Bio Eats World
  •     ATE Office Hours - Listening Session
  •     NSF RFI: Future Workforce Development
  •     Build to scale
  •     Antibody Engineering Hackathon
  •     Teaching Opportunities in North Carolina
  •     Events


Issue date: June 2023

InnovATEBIO Online News May 2023

may newsletter
  •     Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News May 2023
  •     Lilly invests in Ivy Tech Community College Bloomington
  •     Los Angeles Pierce College receives $2 million to develop 4 yr degree in biomanufacturing
  •     Podcast: Working in Biotech at Tenaya Therapeutics
  •     InnovATEBIO's Summer Reading List
  •     National Academies' Study on Anti-Racism
  •     Antibody Engineering Hackathon 2023
  •     ATE Office Hours - Community share and Support Session
  •     ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators
  •     Envisioning the Next Bioscience Workforce
  •     Apply to MentorLinks
  •     InnovATEBIO at HI TEC
  •     Immersive Learning Bootcamp
  •     Cybersecurity Across Disciplines Conference 2023
  •     Careers at BioMADE
  •     Events
Issue date: May 2023

InnovATEBIO Online News April 2023

A student checks a bioreactor.
  •    Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News April 2023
  •     Envisioning The Next Bioscience Workforce
  •     Alamance Community College Leads the Way
  •     Lassa High School Students go to Japan
  •     Dog Saliva and DNA
  •     Congratulations Jeff Rapp!
  •     ATE Project Talk Presentations are Online
  •     Funding Opportunities: Dear Colleague Letters
  •     NEJM Podcast: Not Otherwise Specified
  •     Innerbody Explorer: Human Anatomy Learning Resource
  •     Cybersecurity Needs Assessment
  •     Needed Math
  •     BETA Skills Industry Summer Fellows Program
  •     ATE Project Talks: Dual Credit HS DNA Sequencing and Internships in Protein Manufacturing
  •     Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) Skills Workshop
  •     Workplace Navigation Training for Community College Students
  •     HI TEC 2023
  •     Antibody Engineering Hackathon 2023
  •     Events
Issue date: April 2023

InnovATEBIO Online News March 2023

Cell and gene therapy students ready for work
  •     Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News March 2023
  •     Valencia College Lake Nona Hosts Biotech Connect
  •     The Needed Math project needs your help
  •     Updates to Basic Laboratory Methods Course-in-a-Box
  •     ATE Project Talk Presentations Posted
  •     Online Courses in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
  •     Podcast: Career Interviews from the 2022 Antibody Engineering Hackathon
  •     ATE Project Talks: CRISPR curriculum and Biotech-Careers
  •     ATE Project Talks: Immunotherapy Hub Report and Antibody Engineering
  •     ATE Project Talks: Flow Cytometry, Cell Therapy, and CGT Credentials
  •     How to bring Regenerative Medicine to your Students
  •     EDU Core Research Program's 10th Anniversary Celebration
  •     Opportunity to participate in Design2Data
  •     Biotech Faculty position at Flathead Valley Community College
  •     Workplace Navigation Training for Community College Students
  •     Community College Innovation Challenge 2023
  •     Events


Issue date: March 2023