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InnovATEBIO Online News January 2022

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News January 2022
  • The Biotech Summer Series Returns
  • Cell and Gene Therapy Train the Trainer Session 2
  • InnovATEBIO ATE Project Talks Begin 
  • Community College Innovation Challenge 2022
  • Scientific Industries & BioMADE Partner to Donate Equipment and Training to Community Colleges
  • NSF S-STEM Program Funding Opportunities
  • Strategies for writing ATE project grants
  • The Poetry of Biomanufacturing
  • Events
Issue date: January 2022

InnovATEBIO Online News December 2021

CCSF intern
  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News December 2021
  • Dr. Chander Arora receives Outstanding Contribution Award
  • How do Community College Biotech programs prepare their students for the workplace?
  • Cell & Gene Therapy Workshop Recordings
  • Advanced PCR Webinar Recordings Available
  • Biodatabases 2021 SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Structures
  • How mRNA Vaccines Work
  • Great Podcasts! First Rounders
  • InnovATEBIO Community Meetings
  • Introducing the 2022 InnovATEBIO ATE Project Talks
  • 2022 ATE Project Talk:  An Industry-Recognized Credential and Biotech-Careers
  • Working in Biotech
  • Democratizing Biologics--Production of Therapeutic Proteins in Spirulina
  • CCSF Virtual BioSymposium
  • Join the Virtual ASMCUE meeting in 2022
  • Molecular Modeling Software Training from BioMolViz
  • Training for Tiny Earth CURE Course Instructors
  • Community College Internships in National Labs
  • Summer Internship at James Madison University
  • Faculty Position at UT Austin
  • DOE Visiting Faculty Program
  • The Poetry of Biomanufacturing
  • Events
Issue date: December 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News November 2021

nov photos
  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News November 2021
  • News from the InnovATEBIO community
  • A Virtual Tour of a Bioprocess Technology Program
  • ATE PI 2021 Student Posters
  • Life Lessons in Genetics, Race and Social Justice
  • Podcast Resources from the Allen Institute
  • InnovATEBIO Community Meetings
  • Cell and Gene Therapy, Train the Trainer Session
  • Antibody Engineering Hackathon
  • CCSF Virtual BioSymposium
  • Join the Virtual ASMCUE meeting in 2022
  • Environmental Justice Video Challenge
  • Faculty Opportunity at UT Austin
  • Program Dean Opportunity at Portland Community College
  • The Poetry of Biomanufacturing
  • Events
Issue date: November 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News October 2021

Summer Fellows 2018
  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News October 2021
  • InnovATEBIO Community Meetings
  • Continuing Community Conversations on Slack
  • Sign Up Now to Present Your ATE Project
  • Cell Biology Bingo and More!
  • Jim Allison, Cancer Treatments, and a Nobel Prize
  • NOAA Scholarships
  • Technician Training in CRISPR
  • Advanced PCR Webinar series
  • Life, Hope and Science: Three Journeys in Research
  • Antibody Engineering Hackathon
  • Preparing Successful NSF S-STEM Proposals
  • Data Science Education for the Future Biomanufacturing Workforce
  • NIH Community College Day
  • The Poetry of Biomanufacturing
  • Events
Issue date: October 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News September 2021

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News September 2021
  • InnovATEBIO Community Meetings
  • ATE Project Presentations
  • SynBioBeta's Built with Biology Podcasts
  • NOAA Scholarships
  • Antibody Engineering Hackathon
  • PCR Showcase and Webinar Series
  • cGMP for BioPharmaceuticals
  • The Poetry of Biomanufacturing
  • Events
Issue date: September 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News August 2021

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News August 2021
  • Military Service Members Earn Biomanufacturing Certificates
  • Tips for Writing NSF ATE Grants
  • New Educational Resources at the Allen Institute
  • Call to Action for Science Education : NAP Report
  • How to find an Internship in Biotechnology
  • Ignite Students' Passion for Biology with
  • Interested in Quantitative Biology?
  • Learn about ATE funding and Mentor-Connect
  • Teaching Evolution Through a Culturally Competent Lens
  • Faculty Position: Program Director
  • Events
Issue date: August 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News July 2021

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News July 2021
  • The 2021 ATE Solicitation is Live! 
  • Got Videos?
  • Ivy Tech in the Community College Innovation Challenge Finals
  • New Publication on Regenerative Medicine Workforce Skills
  • Mentor-Connect STEM Faculty Mentorship Opportunity
  • Biotility Professional Development Courses
  • Great Presentations at HI-TEC
  • Bridging the Education/Workforce Gap
  • Events
Issue date: July 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News June 2021

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News June 2021
  • Congratulations New NSF ATE Awardees!
  • Catalyzing Credentials for the Biotech Workforce
  • CSBI Releases 2021 Report on Biotechnology Workforce Trends
  • NSF Supplements Available for ATE Grantees
  • Scoping and Educating the Dynamic Biotech Workforce
  • A Long Term Investment Pays Off
  • InnovATEBIO Biomanufacturing Workshop Presentations Available
  • Virtual Tour of State-of-the-Art Laboratory
  • Biotility Professional Development Courses open for Registration
  • MentorLinks Call for Proposals
  • Presentations to watch at HI-TEC
  • Events
Issue date: June 2021