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InnovATEBIO Online News September 2021

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News September 2021
  • InnovATEBIO Community Meetings
  • ATE Project Presentations
  • SynBioBeta's Built with Biology Podcasts
  • NOAA Scholarships
  • Antibody Engineering Hackathon
  • PCR Showcase and Webinar Series
  • cGMP for BioPharmaceuticals
  • The Poetry of Biomanufacturing
  • Events
Issue date: September 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News August 2021

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News August 2021
  • Military Service Members Earn Biomanufacturing Certificates
  • Tips for Writing NSF ATE Grants
  • New Educational Resources at the Allen Institute
  • Call to Action for Science Education : NAP Report
  • How to find an Internship in Biotechnology
  • Ignite Students' Passion for Biology with
  • Interested in Quantitative Biology?
  • Learn about ATE funding and Mentor-Connect
  • Teaching Evolution Through a Culturally Competent Lens
  • Faculty Position: Program Director
  • Events
Issue date: August 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News July 2021

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News July 2021
  • The 2021 ATE Solicitation is Live! 
  • Got Videos?
  • Ivy Tech in the Community College Innovation Challenge Finals
  • New Publication on Regenerative Medicine Workforce Skills
  • Mentor-Connect STEM Faculty Mentorship Opportunity
  • Biotility Professional Development Courses
  • Great Presentations at HI-TEC
  • Bridging the Education/Workforce Gap
  • Events
Issue date: July 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News June 2021

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News June 2021
  • Congratulations New NSF ATE Awardees!
  • Catalyzing Credentials for the Biotech Workforce
  • CSBI Releases 2021 Report on Biotechnology Workforce Trends
  • NSF Supplements Available for ATE Grantees
  • Scoping and Educating the Dynamic Biotech Workforce
  • A Long Term Investment Pays Off
  • InnovATEBIO Biomanufacturing Workshop Presentations Available
  • Virtual Tour of State-of-the-Art Laboratory
  • Biotility Professional Development Courses open for Registration
  • MentorLinks Call for Proposals
  • Presentations to watch at HI-TEC
  • Events
Issue date: June 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News May 2021

  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News May 2021
  • Dr. Margaret Bryans Brings Gene and Cell Therapy to Montgomery Community College
  • Congratulations NSF ATE Awardees!
  • Harford College Alum finds her place at DEVCOM Army Research Lab
  • InnovATEBIO Biomanufacturing Workshop
  • Scoping and Educating the Dynamic Biotechnology Workforce
  • Workshops on Molecular Visualization
  • CCSF Biosymposium on May 21st
  • MentorLinks Opportunities--Apply Now!
  • Apply Now for Fall Internships at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Biotech Haiku
  • Events
Issue date: May 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News April 2021

pouring agar plates
  • Welcome to InnovATEBIO Community News April 2021
  • AGC Biologics Virtual Tour of Boulder Technical Facility
  • Biotech Podcasts
  • Registration is Open for ASMCUE
  • CRISPR in a BOX
  • NSF S-STEM Grant Writing Help
  • Carolina Workshop
  • Biotech Faculty Position
  • Biomanufacturing Haiku
  • Events
Issue date: April 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News March 2021

Students in Montgomery College's Biotech Bootcamp
  • Welcome to March 2021
  • Developing and Implementing a Biotechnology Program
  • Montgomery College Biotech Bootcamp for Displaced Workers
  • What is so hard about making a few billion vaccine doses?
  • Learning about the Science of COVID-19
  • New Funding Opportunities for Two-Year Colleges
  • Empowering Students to Recognize and Foster More Inclusive Workplaces
  • InnovATEBIO Leadership Institute
  • Exploring Career Opportunities in Shared Research Facilities
  • BioMADE Education and Workforce Development Workshop
  • Registration is Open for ASMCUE
  • HI-TEC call for proposals
  • Community College Innovation Challenge
  • Important Dates
Issue date: March 2021

InnovATEBIO Online News February 2021

Leadership group
  • Welcome to February 2021
  • Dr. Fauci and Dr. Leroy Hood chat about COVID-19
  • InnovATEBIO Spring 2021 Webinar Series: Developing, Sustaining & Utilizing an Alumni Network for Student Recruitment & Retention
  • Call for Applications: InnovATEBIO Undergraduate Research Experiences
  • InnovATEBIO Leadership Institute
  • InnovATEBIO Webinar: Empowering Students to Recognize and Foster More Inclusive Workplaces
  • Professional Development from BETA Skills
  • Strategies for Preparing YOUR Next ATE Project Proposal
  • NSF Proposal Development Course by STELAR
  • Open Datasets Support Virtual Science Education
  • Syllabus for Teaching Stem Cell Biology
  • Gloucester Biotechnology Academy Lead Teacher Wanted
  • Important Dates
Issue date: February 2021