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Bio-Link Online News April 2016

  • Bio-Link Webinar on
  • New Bio-Link programs
  • Summer Fellows Registration
  • Community College Day Program at BIO Registration
  • HI Tec Registration
  • STEM Cell Academies
  • Student Opportunities
  • New ATE programs
  • Spotlight on Bio-Link Web resources
  • Upcoming Events
Issue date: April 2016

Bio-Link Online News March 2016

  • The New Bio-Link Web Site is Launched!
  • Bio-Link Webinar April 1st
  • 2016 Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum:  Apply for a Fellowship, Register Now, and Submit Your Workshop Proposal 
  • Register now for Community College Day at BIO
  • HI TEC registration
  • Bioscience Industry Fellowship Project:  Apply now!
  • Student Opportunities
    • The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) April 16-20th
    • ​The American Association of Immunologists, May 13-17th
    • BIO Career Fair
  • BioCurious:  DNA Barcoding-Identify Unknown Organisms from their DNA
  • Jobs
  • Spotlight on a Bio-Link resource
  • Upcoming Events  
Issue date: March 2016

Bio-Link Online News February 2016

  • The New Bio-Link Web Site is Launched!
  • 2016 Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum:  Apply for a Fellowship, Register Now, and Submit Your Workshop Proposal 
  • Lisa Seidman's Blog:  An Interactive Movie on Biomanufacturing!
  • Bio-Link's First Webinar
  • Free for Students:  The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) April 16-20th
  • Upcoming Events  
  • Jobs
Issue date: February 2016

Bio-Link Online News December 2015

  • Apply to attend the Make a Recruitment Video Workshop
  • AAAS Community College Day, Feb. 11, 2016
  • NASA Community College Student Opportunities
  • 2016 NIH Community College Summer Enrichment Program
  • Community College Day at BIO 2016
  • Summer Fellows Forum 2016

Image credit:  Science Creative Quarterly

Issue date: December 2015

Bio-Link Connection October 2015

  • Bio-Link's 17th Annual Summer Fellows Forum
  • Second Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Education Summit Empowers Instructors
  • New ATE Regional Center Funded at Austin Community College
  • CCSF & MATC Collaborate on New Stem Cell Technologies ATE Project Grant
  • Bio-Link and Pellet Productions Collaborate to Produce Interactive Movie:  "Quality in Biomanufacturing"
  • HI-TEC 2015 Highlights
  • Bachelors of Biomanufacturing at Two California Community Colleges
Issue date: October 2015

Bio-Link Online News September 2015

  • Time to apply for DOE internships
  • Community College Day at the NIH
  • Tips for Success in an Informational Interview  
  • New Biotech-Careers Photo Diary 
  • Get help on a grant proposal from Mentor-Connect
  • Coming Events
Issue date: September 2015

Bio-Link Connection May 2015

  • Where the Heck is Worthington Minnesota?
  • Bio-Links’s Director Elaine Johnson Named AAAS Fellow
  • From the Director:  Celebrating 17 years of National Science Foundation Funding
  • New $4.9 million biotech lab at Austin Community College expands student internship opportunities
  • Report on Regional Conference and Poster Session Co-Hosted by the Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative and Bio-Link
Issue date: May 2015

Bio-Link Connection October 2014

  • Bio-Link’s 16th Annual Summer Fellows Forum
  • From the Director—Its been an active and productive summer!
  • Biotech Updates from Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC)
  • HI-TEC 2014 Hi-lights
  • Bio-Link works together with Nano-Link
  • Fellows Forum Highlights
  • Stems Cells and Regenerative Medicine are powerful motivators for students
  • GeneConnection at Skyline College in San Mateo, CA
Issue date: October 2014