Bridge to Biosciences

The Bridge to Biosciences is an innovative program developed at the City College of San Francisco (CCSF), and disseminated through Bio-Link, that helps prepare a wide variety of students for science careers.  

STEM careers are worthwhile and well-paying, but for under-prepared students or students changing careers, the long path to complete prerequisite and basic skills courses is daunting.  Many students who might have done well in STEM careers leave school rather than spend years waiting to take science courses.  The Bridge to Biosciences program changes this paradigm.  Students who enroll in the Bridge complete their prerequisites more quickly through a combination of innovative learning techniques and courses designed to meet their needs.  

The image below compares the course pathway for Bridge students with the path taken by most science majors at the City College of San Francisco.  

Learn more about the Bridge to Biosciences program at CCSF.