Bio-Link webinar: Bio-Link Goes to the Movies

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Bio-Link goes to the movies! A Bio-Link webinar

Learning how to navigate within a biopharmaceutical quality system isn’t something that can be taught easily in a classroom. The stakes are high -- one error can cost a company millions of dollars, lead to investigations by the FDA, or worse, cause harm to a patient. To show what it’s like to work in biopharmaceutical facilities, Bio-Link (the Next Generation National ATE Center of Excellence for Biotechnology and Life Sciences), and Pellet Productions, Inc. (the creators and producers of have collaborated to produce Making the Call: Quality in Biomanufacturing. This interactive video series, filmed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, lets participants experience virtually the issues faced by real production employees, immersing them in a world where quality is paramount. This webinar will introduce participants to this powerful learning tool so that they can use it effectively with their students. To see a trailer for the video production, go to: (link is external).

To visit the interactive video, go to is external)  

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Jeanette Mowery, Ph.D. 
Madison College, WI 

Lisa Seidman, Ph.D. 
Madison College, WI