Bio-Link webinar: The New Core Skill Standards for Bioscience Technicians: Making them Work for Us

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Presenters:  Linda Rehfuss, Jeanette Mowery, Lisa Seidman, Elaine Johnson, Linnea Fletcher

In 2016, the Community College Consortium for Bioscience Credentials, funded by a Department of Labor grant, published a set of core technical skills and competencies that are held in common across the bioscience industry subsectors of Bioscience Laboratory Skills, Biomanufacturing, and Medical Devices. Consortium partners recognized the need to focus skill standards efforts on fundamentals that all entry-level bioscience technician would need in order to succeed, regardless of industry subsector, geographic location or individual job description. This webinar will discuss how these new skill standards can be valuable in guiding classroom curriculum and how the state of Texas is using them to help align career pathways with the needs of the workplace.