Ignite Your Students’ Passion for Biology with Biotech-Careers.org

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We are living in the century of biology. Vaccines are winning the pandemic battle, the biotech industry is rapidly growing, and biotechnology, synthetic biology, and genomics are top priorities for government investment. Biology is the future, and the future is here. 

Your students may know that new biomedical technologies can treat once incurable diseases. But do they know that biotechnology products are being used in tennis shoes, fabric dyes, and food, and that biotechnology is beginning to play a major role in addressing climate change, pollution, and food security? Our data show that when students learn about the variety of biotechnology jobs and diversity of biotechnology specialties, they become more interested in learning biology and pursuing biotechnology careers.

Biotech-Careers.org is a comprehensive career information resource, used in college and high school classrooms throughout the USA. It combines education materials and job search capabilities with an extensive employer database.

We will demonstrate paths for exploring Biotech-Careers.org that focus on people (alumni profiles, videos), places (100’s of interactive maps), and things (topics in biotech and company key words). Together, these resources show the value of learning biology and help students identify potential careers.