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Event: ATE Project Talks: An Industry-Recognized Credential and Biotech Careers

Description : Our mission is to anchor a unified credentialing system within the industry by expanding state-level adoption of the Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE). This will provide a validated talent pool to benefit industry and provide job candidates a mechanism to showcase their mastery of competencies and skills in demand by industry. Our goals are to establish task forces, testing sites, and teacher training in California, Washington, Georgia, Texas, and Nebraska. Speakers : Tamara Mandell, Bridgette Kirkpatrick, and Philip Gibson Additional resources : Learn more about the Implementation of an Industry-Recognized Credentialing System for Biotechnicians ATE project Read about ... Read more
Description : Biotechnology employers offer well-paying, interesting jobs, that provide their employees with opportunities to make meaningful contributions to others lives and well-being. We built the website to show the world that students from biotechnology education programs at community and technical colleges are being hired and making contributions to this important and thriving part of the bioeconomy. contains career descriptions based on industry job titles, information about different sectors of the biotech industry, stories about our alumni, and a database of over 9000 employers, with links to their career pages, 805 of whom have hired our graduates, and ... Read more
The speakers answered questions and discussed credentialing and biotech education in general. Read more

Event: Cell and Gene Therapy Train-the-Trainer Session 2

Hands-on Curriculum, Analytics, and Equipment for Cell and Gene Therapy Hands-on Curriculum Analytics Analytics for AAV transduction Dominique Ingato and Margaret Bryans Analytics for AAV production Isso Bayala Equipment necessary to train Cell and Gene therapy technicians Barbara Juncosa Read more
Regulatory considerations for Cell and Gene Therapies - Jim DeKloe Read more
Welcome and introductions - Russ Read New learning module for Cell and Gene Therapy - John Cumbers, Built with Biology, LalTal Update on cell and Gene therapy skill standards - Margaret Bryans and Jim DeKloe Cell and Gene therapy analytics and microbiological control - Jim DeKloe and Margaret Bryans Read more

Event: Cell and Gene Therapy Train the Trainer Session

Margaret Bryans introduces the workshop. James DeKloe provides an introduction to cell and gene therapy. This work was funded by a grant from the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals. (NIIMBL) through the Workforce Expansion in Biomanufacturing Emerging Technologies (WEBET) project. Six colleges are collaborating on the WEBET project: Forsyth Community and Technical College (Russ Read) MiraCosta College (Barbara Juncosa and Dominique Ignato) Montgomery County Community College (Margaret Bryans) Quincy College (Isso Bayala) Shoreline Community College (Louise Petruzzella) Solano College (James DeKloe) Read more
Russ Read presents data on the growing need for technicians in cell and gene therapy. This work was funded by a grant from NIIMBL through the Workforce Expansion in Biomanufacturing Emerging Technologies (WEBET) project A labor market analysis, produced through the WEBET project, can be downloaded from Visit the Cell and Gene Therapy page at to view interactive maps with links to over 247 companies working in these areas. Read more
Barbara Juncosa, James DeKloe, Margaret Bryans talk about how to teach the concepts and hands-on skills needed for preparing students to work in Cell and Gene Therapy. This work was funded by NIIMBL through the Workforce Expansion in Biomanufacturing Emerging Technologies (WEBET) project Read more
Isso Bayala talks about laboratory methods for producing Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) in mammalian cells. This work was funded by NIIMBL through the Workforce Expansion in Biomanufacturing Emerging Technologies (WEBET) project Read more

Event: Advanced PCR: Pedagogical Challenges and Strategies

Speakers : Elizabeth Boedeker, Ph.D. (District Director, Center for Plant and Life Sciences and BioBench CRO Coordinator, St. Louis Community College) Linnea Fletcher, Ph.D. (PI, InnovATEBIO and Head of the Biotechnology Program, Austin Community College) Leigh Brown (Curriculum Training Specialist, Bio-Rad Laboratories Explorer Program) Read more

Event: Real-Time, Quantitative PCR (qPCR): Theory and Real-Assay Design

Speakers : Liz Jordan Dreskin, Ph.D. (R&D Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories) Evan Bursey, Ph.D. (R&D Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories) Steven Okino, Ph.D. (R&D Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories) Read more

Event: Advanced PCR Techniques: From Theory to Tracking Viruses in Wastewater

Event: InnovATEBIO Biomanufacturing Workshop 2

Presenter : Dr. Linnea Fletcher, Department Chair, Biotechnology Department Executive Director, InnovATE BIO National Biotechnology Education Center, Austin Community College View presentations from the AC2 Biomanufacturing Workshop, December 2020 Read more
Presenter: Dr. James DeKloe, Professor, director and founder of the Industrial Biotechnology program at Solano College. Read more
Presenter: Dr. Margaret Bryans, Principal Investigator, NBC2 Professor and Coordinator of the Biotechnology Program Montgomery County Community College Read more
Presenter : Isso Bayala Instructor of Biotechnology Good Manufacturing Practice & Chromatography Quincy College Read more
Presenters : Dr. Margaret Bryans, Montgomery County Community College Dr. James DeKloe, Solano College Read more
Presenter : Yakov Cherner President, ATeL - Advanced Tools for e-Learning Read more
Presenter : Linnea Fletcher Department Chair, Biotechnology, Austin Community College Executive Director, InnovATEBIO National Biotechnology Education Center Read more