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Event: SCBC and Bio-Link Conference January 13-14 2012

Presenter: Dr. Pamela Eversole-Cire, Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA Dr. Pamela Eversole-Cire discussed Integrating soft skills into lectures. Read more
Presenter: Quynh Nguyen, Lab Support, San Diego, CA Quynh Nguyen discussed the benefits of working with temp agencies. Read more
Presenter: Julie Demeules, Santarus, San Diego, CA Julie Demeules discussed what soft skills employers are looking for. Read more
Presenter: Jeffery O'Neal, California Community Colleges, Sacramento, CA Jeffery O'Neal discussed the soft skills needed in a biotech career. Read more
Presenter: Adriana Vela, NanoTecNexus, San Diego, CA Adriana Vela discussed nanotechnology opportunities and challenges. Read more
Presenter: Andrea Jackson, Wireless Life Sciences Alliance, San Diego, CA Andrea Jackson discussed the Wireless Life Sciences Alliance. Read more
Presenter: Dr. Martin Ikkanda, Pierce College, Woodland Hill, CA Dr. Martin Ikkanda discussed video resources found through the Amgen-Bruce Wallace Program. Read more
Presenter: Dr. Sonia Wallman, NBC 2 , Portsmouth, NH Dr. Sonia Wallman discussed putting Biomanufacturing into your curriculum. Read more
Presenter: Andreas Walz, Ophidion, Pasadena, CA Andreas Walz discussed working with interns at the Masters level and the lesson that were learned. Read more
Presenter: Karen Overklift, BIOCOM, San DIego, CA Karen Overklift discussed creating sustainable internships using LSSI and EDGE programs as case studies. Read more
Presenter: Lennie Ciufo, Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles, CA Lennie Ciufo discussed integrating workforce development into your curricula. Presentation3 customized training ciufo from bio-link View more presentations from bio-link Read more
Presenter: Dr. V. Celeste Carter, DUE, NSF, Washington D.C. Dr. Carter discussed how the National Science Foundation helps fund education and training needs through the Advanced Technology Education program (ATE). Read more
Presenter: Joe Panetta, BIOCOM, San Diego, CA Mr. Panetta discussed industry trends in the new economy. Read more
Presenter: Lisa Seidman, Madison Area Technical College, Madison, WI Dr. Seidman discussed the importance of learning mathematics in context for students entering technical fields like biotechnology. Lisa Seidman, Ph.D. has been an instructor in the Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Program at Madison Area Technical College (MATC) since 1987. She is a Co-PI of Bio-Link, a national consortium of biotechnology educational programs that is headed by the City College of San Francisco. She is the co-author of three textbooks for biotechnology students: Basic Laboratory Methods for Biotechnology: Textbook and Laboratory Reference, Basic Laboratory Calculations for Biotechnology, and Laboratory ... Read more

Event: Community College Day at BIO 2011

Presenter : Xan Simonson , Mesa Public Schools, Mesa, AZ Hear how the NBC 2 summer institute inspired the development of teaching agricultural biotechnology, medicine, marketing and production of a real product for the community. Mesa Public Schools' Advanced Biotechnology students learn about local desert medicinal plants, how to collect them, how to harvest the medicinal constituents from them, develop formula, make and produce a medicinal balm/salve to sell. Arizona high school biotechnology programs have grown exponentially since the inception of the Mesa Public Schools Biotechnology Academy in 2005. In partnership with the local community colleges, ... Read more
Presenter : Sonia Wallman , Executive Director of the NBC2 MiraCosta College is developing a certificate program related to biofuels that has been funded by grants from the NSF and the State of California. Working through the EDGE Initiative (Educating and Developing Workers for the Green Economy), MiraCosta will provide education and training in the growing biofuels industry to unemployed and incumbent workers within San Diego and the Imperial Valley. The Biomass Production Certificate will provide a foundation in the technologies employed by biotechnology companies engaged in the production of microalgal biomass for biofuels and other applications for ... Read more
Presenter : Peter A. Schaefer , Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, NY Through an ARRA stimulus grant, a partnership was established among regional stakeholders to participate in a training program for entry-level and advanced laboratory technicians in the fields of biotechnology and biomanufacturing. Unemployed worker retraining and public school career pathway development are a major focus of sustaining this effort. Participants have hands-on experience with equipment they will use in the workplace, thus minimizing the time for on-the-job training. Peter A. Schaefer, Ph.D ., has 20 years experience in biomedical research and is currently chair of ... Read more
Presenter : Dr. Vivian Ngan-Winward , Salt Lake City Community College, Salt Lake City, UT STUDENTfacturED (a NSF ATE-funded project) is currently being developed at SLCC to provide a contextualized practical experience to reinforce student learning in the Biomanufacturing Program. STUDENTfacturED will be a student-run contract manufacturing organization that makes products for instructional use in our college and local high school biotechnology classes - products that are Made by Students, For Students. After earning her Ph.D., Dr. Vivian Ngan-Winward spent 9 years in academic research prior to entering the biotech industry. Her 7+ years of industry ... Read more
Presenter : R. Kevin Pegg , Institute for Food Safety, Florida State College at Jacksonville, FL Florida State College at Jacksonville's Institute for Food Safety fills shortfalls in food testing technicians. The Phase 1 IFS is a partnership between FSCJ and Eurofins, an international analytical company. A. S. biotech students train in shared spaces with industry personnel, a concept that puts students in an industrial setting from the first day of class. R. Kevin Pegg, Ph.D. is lead faculty for the Biotechnology A.S. degree program at Florida State College and heads the Institute for ... Read more
Presenter : Lori Lindburg talks about the BayBio Institute and their partnership with the K12 education and community colleges. Read more