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Event: Real-Time, Quantitative PCR (qPCR): Theory and Real-Assay Design

Speakers : Liz Jordan Dreskin, Ph.D. (R&D Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories) Evan Bursey, Ph.D. (R&D Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories) Steven Okino, Ph.D. (R&D Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories) Read more

Event: Advanced PCR Techniques: From Theory to Tracking Viruses in Wastewater

Event: InnovATEBIO Biomanufacturing Workshop 2

Presenter : Dr. Linnea Fletcher, Department Chair, Biotechnology Department Executive Director, InnovATE BIO National Biotechnology Education Center, Austin Community College View presentations from the AC2 Biomanufacturing Workshop, December 2020 Read more
Presenter: Dr. Margaret Bryans, Principal Investigator, NBC2 Professor and Coordinator of the Biotechnology Program Montgomery County Community College Read more
Presenter: Dr. James DeKloe, Professor, director and founder of the Industrial Biotechnology program at Solano College. Read more
Presenter : Isso Bayala Instructor of Biotechnology Good Manufacturing Practice & Chromatography Quincy College Read more
Presenters : Dr. Margaret Bryans, Montgomery County Community College Dr. James DeKloe, Solano College Read more
Presenter : Yakov Cherner President, ATeL - Advanced Tools for e-Learning Read more
Presenter : Linnea Fletcher Department Chair, Biotechnology, Austin Community College Executive Director, InnovATEBIO National Biotechnology Education Center Read more
Presenters : Nick Kapp, Professor in the Biology department, Skyline College Ying-Tsu Loh, Associate Director, Bay Area Bioscience Education Community (BABEC) Read more
Presenter : Bridgette Kirkpatrick, Professor, Biotechnology Program, Collin College Read more
Moderator : Bridgette Kirkpatrick, Collin College, TX Speakers : Karley Malone Cassandra Mitchell-Nothaus Shanika Livingston Read more
Presenters : Ira “Ike” Levine, Professor, Natural & Applied Sciences, University of Southern Maine Schonna R. Manning, Research Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin Read more
BioMADE J. L. (Clem) Fortman – Director of Program Management, BioMADE Biotech Manufacturing at Twist Bioscience Kum Ming Woo - Director of Manufacturing at Twist Bioscience Read more

Event: Undergraduate Research Strategic Planning Workshop

May 6 Video 1, Welcome and Introductions Read more