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Event: InnovATEBIO Webinar CRISPR Series - DTCC Innovative Laboratory Exercise and Curriculum on CRISPR Gene Editing

Event: InnovATEBIO Webinar CRISPR Series - CRISPR Explained: Gene Editing History, Technology, and Applications

Bio-Rad Laboratories scientists presented gene editing and genotyping lab activities from Bio-Rad’s Out of the Blue CRISPR Gene Editing and Genotyping Extension Kits. Read more

Event: InnovATEBIO Webinar CRISPR Series - CRISPR Gene Editing: Using CRISPR-Cas9 with the Out of the Blue CRISPR Gene Editing and Genotyping Kits

Using CRISPR-Cas9 with Out of the Blue CRISPR Gene Editing and Genotying Kits in the Classroom. Remember: many Bio-Rad products are discounted for K-12 and undergrad classes! More free resources: bio-rad/classroomresources For help visit: Read more

Event: InnovATEBIO 5 for 5 Webinar Focus on Biomanufacturing

Event: AC2 Biomanufacturing Workshop 1 - Overview and Bacterial Systems

Welcome and introductions : Dr. Linnea Fletcher, Department Chair, Biotechnology, Executive Director, AC2 Bio-Link Regional Center and InnovATEBIO National Center, Austin Community College Bio-Manufacturing overview Quality Systems - Basics QA/ QC / Validation : Dr. Jim DeKloe, Professor, Director and Founder of the Industrial Biotechnology program, Solano College. Read more
Protein structure – what do students need to know about proteins as a product : Dr. Jim DeKloe, Professor, Director, and Founder of the Industrial Biotechnology program, Solano College. Read more
Aseptic processing / Bioreactors: Joseph Kirkpatrick, Fermentation specialist, The MSU Bio-economy Institute Read more
Teaching Chromatography Basics : Dr. Isso Bayala, Instructor of Biotechnology Good Manufacturing Practice & Chromatography, Quincy College Read more
Dr. Dennis Gross CEO of the Pennsylvania Drug Discovery Institute Read more
Day 1 Recap and Available Online resources : Dr. Margaret Bryans, Professor and Coordinator of the Biotechnology Program, Montgomery County Community College Read more
Biomanufacturing Labs for High Schools and Community College Programs : Dr. J. Rob Hatherill and Dr. Daisy Zhang, Del Mar College, and Dr. Susan Woodard, National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station Read more
Supply Chain Management: Dr. Ying-Tsu Loh, Associate Director, Bay Area Bioscience Education Community (BABEC) and faculty, City College San Francisco Read more
Dr. Bridgette Kirkpatrick, Professor, Biotechnology Program, Collin College Read more
Moderator: Melinda Wilson, Professor, Molecular Biotechnology Coordinator/Advisor, Science Department, Lansing Community College Alumni Panelists: 1. Marcia McCallum (Austin Community College graduate) 2. Danial Nasr (Del Mar College graduate) 3. Joseph Kirkpatrick (Lansing Community College graduate) 4. Amanda Brown (Austin Community College graduate) Read more
Dr. Lisa Seidman, Faculty emeritus, Madison Area Technical College Read more

Event: ATE PI Conference 2020

Thank your for interest in our ATE PI conference spotlight presentation! We will post a link to the recorded presentation as soon at it is available. In the meantime, feel free to skim through the slides and check out some of the materials we linked below. Visit the Collaborative to Strengthen Work Based Learning in Biotech Get Speed Networking Materials Visit to research careers and learn about companies Read more

Event: ABRF 2020 Empowering Team Science

Community colleges play a vital role in preparing the highly skilled technical workforce needed to support the biotechnology industry. Community colleges offer students hands-on practical experience, certificates, and technical degrees. Students include high-school graduates, individuals changing careers, college graduates, and even PhD holders. As these colleges support the many facets of the biotechnology industry, their laboratories are equipped to teach modern techniques, including DNA sequencing, mass spectrometry, microscopy, chromatography, immunoassays, and bioinformatics. Many programs are also developing education skill standards and curriculum to support the latest biotechnology manufacturing that includes CRISPR-based gene therapies, CAR-T, immuno-therapeutics, and patient derived tissues. Some ... Read more

Event: National Association of Biology Teachers 2019 Conference

Max supervises all meowcrobiome research Dr. Sandra Porter's presentation at the National Association of Biology Teachers professional development conference. Saturday November 16, 2019 at 2 pm central time. Abstract Caturday Microbiomes – Thinking Outside the Litter Box With Danny and Lil Bub Author : Sandra Porter, Digital World Biology LLC, InnovATE BIO , Bio-Link Abstract : Learn how to investigate and compare the microbiomes from Lil Bub, a YouTube celebrity cat with several genetic abnormalities, and Danny, a normal house cat, using whole genome DNA sequencing data provided ... Read more