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Event: 10th Annual Community College Program Day

Overview dol cccbc taa grant ccp13 from bio-link Russ H Read, National Center for the Biotechnology Workforce (NCBW), gives an overview of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grant. Read more
Lab skills hub e. johnson ccp 13 from bio-link Elaine Johnson, National Bio-Link Center, NSF-ATE PI Dr. Johnson is the executive director of the National Bio-Link Center. She spoke about the prospective goals of the Lab Skills HUB of the TAA CCCBC Read more
Medical devices hub s. lee ccp 13 from bio-link Sengyong Lee, Director of the Medical Devices Hub for NBC2, presents progress and current goals for the Community College Consortium for Bioscience credentials Read more
Biomanufacturing hub s. wallman ccp 13 from bio-link Sonya Wallman, from the Northeast Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative (NBC2), presents development of national regional hubs and the latest progress in development of biomanufacturing skill standards. Read more
Ccp13 opening remarks s. wallman from bio-link Presenter: Dr. Sonia Wallman Dr. Wallman discussed NBC2 and the community college's role in educating students for positions in biomanufacturing. Read more
Ccp partnering j_hongo_bio2013_chicago from bio-link JoAnne S. Hongo, Genentech and City College of San Francisco, talks about their 20-year running partnership, CCSF's Bridge to Biotechnology program, and introduces 'faces of success' from these programs, including a grassroots organization created by a graduate called Nexgene girls. Read more

Event: 9th Annual Community College Program Day at BIO2012

Moderator: Dr. Elaine Johnson, Bio-Link Faces of Success: Our Graduates and Their Careers from bio-link This interactive session features a lively panel of successful industry professionals who recently gained employability skills at community and technical colleges. Individuals share their pathways to rewarding careers in high-skill, high-wage positions in the biotechnology industry thanks to the access and affordability of targeted programs at community and technical colleges. Read more
Keynote Speaker - E. Kevin Hrusovsky, former CEO & President of Caliper Life Science, now a PerkinElmer company, spoke on the bioeconomy and new technologies in healthcare. Keynote Speaker - E. Kevin Hrusovsky from bio-link Caliper is a premier provider of cutting-edge technologies enabling researchers in the life sciences industry to create life-saving and enhancing medicines and diagnostic tests more quickly and efficiently. Caliper is aggressively innovating new technology to bridge the gap between in vitro assays and in vivo results, enabling researchers to translate those results into cures for human disease. ... Read more
Dr. Sonia Wallman from NBC2 moderated this panel of innovative leaders from biotechnology and biomanufacturing programs. Innovative and New Programs in Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing from bio-link This year's panel featured programs noteworthy in their approach to biotechnology/biomanufacturing education and training and the workforce. Panelists included leaders of the: Lone Star Biotechnology Institute at Lone Star College, Working with the local biomedical and biofuels industry in Houston, TX; Biomass Production Training Certificate at Mira Costa College part of the EDGE (Educating and Developing Workers for the Green Economy) initiative for ... Read more
Welcoming comments from Dr. Sonia Wallman, of the Organizing Committee, and Lance Hartford, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation. Greetings and Opening Remarks from bio-link Read more
Moderator: Lisa Seidman, Madison Area Technical College, WI Teaching for the Always-Evolving Biotechnology Workplace from bio-link Speakers: Vivian Ngan-Winward (SLCC), Ryan Gilmore (BioNetwork Analytical Training Lab, NC), Jeanette Mowery (MATC), Linnea Fletcher (ACC) Two year biotechnology departments have developed various innovative programs such as student-led contract research and contract manufacturing organizations, research projects, business incubators, and more. At first glance, these programs seem discordant. But, perhaps they provide similar benefits to students preparing for a complex and changing workplace. This session will explore several innovative instructional models, asking ... Read more
Slide presentations and materials from the 9th Annual Community College Program Day at BIO2012. This event is scheduled for Monday, June 18th. Presentations will be posted as they become available. Image source : S. Porter Read more

Event: Hi-TEC conference

1. What social media tools does Bio-Link use? Bio-Link uses a List Serve, Facebook, LInkedIn, RSS, and Twitter to reach out and communicate with our community. Reach out to industry, students, and alumni, post and share jobs, poll & get feedback from biotech community post updates, share pictures, info People can subscribe to our blogs and site via RSS Post links to news items Send email More info in the Bio-Link Guide to Social Media 2. Shared note taking with Twitter: JGI Sequencer meeting ISB Symposium on microbiome: 3. Tweet chat examples: Science education journal club: #SciTeachJC 4. ... Read more
Slide presentations and materials from the 2012 High Impact Technology Exchange Conference , July 23-26 in Denver, CO. Presentations will be posted as they become available. Image source : Hi-TEC Read more

Event: 2012 Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum

Presenter : Sheryl Denker & Denmark Group: Mads Tvillingaard Bonde, Tobias Dam & Michael Bodekaer Dr. Sheryl Denker, Senior Program Advisor for the BayBio Institute spoke about the project to develop the next generation of standards for K-12 science education. Next Generation Science Standards june2012 from bio-link Michael Bodekaer, Mads Bonde, and Tobias Aaby Dam presented Labster , , an on-line environment for performing virtual labs. Read more
Earlier this spring, you shared lots of ideas when we asked for your suggestions for topics for the Summer Fellows Forum . We think quite a few of these topics would make good Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions. Here they are below: Using Kickstarter to fund projects Growing a program Quantifying "Good Hands" Social networks + mobile technologies Class management and teaching challenges Teaching & working in a regulated environment Developing state standards If you would like to lead one of these ... Read more
Presenters : Lisa Seidman & Jeff Rapp Reference material : Lisa Seidman's power point presentation from the 2012 Southern California Biotechnology Conference Read more
Presenters: Farah Movahedzadeh Read the publication: Project-Based Learning to Promote Effective Learning in Biotechnology Courses Read more
Presenters : John Carrese & Laurence Clement Background reading on the Bridge to Biotechnology Read more
Presenter : Sandra Porter Preparation : Get Cn3D Schedule : Part I. Get Cn3D going A. Download 1NAJ.cn3 Turn structures Move structures without turning Make structures bigger / smaller Change rendering style Change coloring style Show and hide parts of a structure Make color key B. Become familiar with Cytochrome Oxidase C Look at chains - how many? try different coloring styles - what do you see? Look at active site rendering style tubes, coloring ... Read more