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A student learns about biotechnology at Del Mar College and falls in love. This video tells his story. The video was produced by Andrea Spano, Associate Producer, Vox Television, Inc. View video

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Event Details: The InnovATEBIO National Biotechnology Education Center will be hosting a series of “5 for 5” webinars. Each 5 for 5 webinar will feature five NSF ATE projects. Within each webinar, four of the projects will have a biotechnology or bioscience focus, and an additional ... View video

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Dr. Daiyuan ("Daisy") Zhang from Del Mar College described how she adapted to her college's shut down by having her students do online research related to SARS-CoV-2.  Students used nucleotide BLAST to investigate where the virus came from and look at mutations.  They used primer-blast to design ... View video

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At Del Mar College we have developed a product (Enterosword), to use against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  We then submitted the product to the NSF Innovation Challenge.  The challenge is an event that ... View video

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