City College of San Francisco

Degree / Certificate and Credential(s): 
Associate's Degree
Laboratory Assistant
Stem Cell Technology
InnovATEBIO member(s): 
Bob Del Vecchio
Carin Zimmerman
Golnar Afshar
Karen Leung
James Lewis
Ying-Tsu Loh
Edith Kaeuper
Susmita Sengupta
Program Website(s): 
Biotechnology Program  Bridge to Biosciences  Biosymposium
School Partner(s): 
Abraham Lincoln High School
Grant Support: 
A Collaborative Approach to Work-Based Learning: Addressing the Needs of Community College Biotechnology Students and their Research Univeristy Mentors, DUE 1801186 On-Ramp to Biotech, Div of Industrial Innovation and Partnership, 0438735 Advanced Technological Education-ATE: Bio-Link:  A National Advanced Technological Education Center for Biotechnology, DUE 0118933 Stem Cell Pipeline, DUE 1003852 Bridge to Biotech, DUE 0341384 Bio-Link ATE National Resource Center, DUE 0402139 Bio-Link Next Generation National ATE Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences, DUE 0903317 Bio-Link Next Generation National Advanced Technological Education Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences, DUE 1400721 Bio-Link:  A National Advanced Technology Education Cetner for Biotechnology, DUE 9850325 CCSF also received funding from the Department of Labor TAACCT program as part of the Community College Consortium for Bioscience Credentials. #TC-23761-12-60-A-37  
Award Type(s): 
State Grant
US Department of Labor (DOL)

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