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Since 2000 The Wistar Institute has operated the Biomedical Technician Training (BTT) Program to prepare students from the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) for laboratory positions. Our NSF ATE Project, Expansion, Curriculum Evolution, and Enhancement during BioTechnician Training (ExCEEd BTT) has three primary goals: 1) include more students from new community college partners in the region, 2) develop a novel curriculum based on Wistar research that effectively engages underrepresented students, and 3) redesign the program as a one-summer pre-apprenticeship with internships in academic and industry labs. Speaker : Kristy Shuda McGuire, M.S., Ph.D., Dean of Biomedical Studies, The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA Read more
Antibodies are arguably the most important class of proteins in biotechnology. These proteins are used in biological research, clinical diagnostic tests, therapeutic drugs, and laboratory services. Over 333 US employers in over 500 locations carry out research and / or manufacture products based on antibodies including rapid tests for COVID-19. The expanding use of antibodies as therapeutic drugs is spurring companies to hunt for antibodies with new specificities. At the same time, the challenges with antibody manufacturing and stability are encouraging companies to engineer these proteins to lower production costs. We are responding to the need for creating new antibodies ... Read more
Description : Our mission is to anchor a unified credentialing system within the industry by expanding state-level adoption of the Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE). This will provide a validated talent pool to benefit industry and provide job candidates a mechanism to showcase their mastery of competencies and skills in demand by industry. Our goals are to establish task forces, testing sites, and teacher training in California, Washington, Georgia, Texas, and Nebraska. Speakers : Tamara Mandell, Bridgette Kirkpatrick, and Philip Gibson Additional resources : Learn more about the Implementation of an Industry-Recognized Credentialing System for Biotechnicians ATE project Read about ... Read more
Description : Biotechnology employers offer well-paying, interesting jobs, that provide their employees with opportunities to make meaningful contributions to others lives and well-being. We built the website to show the world that students from biotechnology education programs at community and technical colleges are being hired and making contributions to this important and thriving part of the bioeconomy. contains career descriptions based on industry job titles, information about different sectors of the biotech industry, stories about our alumni, and a database of over 9000 employers, with links to their career pages, 805 of whom have hired our graduates, and ... Read more
The speakers answered questions and discussed credentialing and biotech education in general. Read more