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Sandra Porter
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This video is about finding links to employer job pages This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under DUE 1800909 View video

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A short video that was part of the ATE PI conference (Oct, 2020). View video

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Thank your for interest in our ATE PI conference spotlight presentation! We will post a link to the recorded presentation as soon at it is available. In the meantime, feel free to skim through the slides and check out some of the materials we linked below. Visit the Collaborative to Strengthen Work Based Learning in Biotech Get Speed Networking Materials Visit to research careers and learn about companies Read more

In this video, Dr. Porter shares resources for career exploration and shares a path for exploring View video

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Sandra Porter
A lab tech works with a mouse
Fri, Apr 17 2020

This informal webinar will address two main topics:

What are biotech companies doing to combat COVID-19? How can we have students explore biotech career opportunities in these crazy times?

This session will address an online website and database that students can use to explore biotech careers. The main tool we will use is , a career site and biotech company database developed by Digital World Biology , with funding from the National Science ... Read more

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Todd Smith
COVID 19 Business areas
This session described a three-part strategy for identifying which kinds of knowledge and skills that you might need to learn and how you might going about learning these. We discussed online tools like , Bio-Link related resources such as Making the Call - an interactive movie that can help with learning about biomanufacturing, and the NSF Grant database to identify business activities and companies in your area. Knowing more about the business areas of your local companies and research institutions will help you provide better advice to your students and provide focus when looking for professional development. We also ... Read more
Todd Smith
The "by-state" view in The map centers on...
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