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Fri, Feb 12 2021

This FREE Gene Editing Workshop will be presented in partnership by Delaware Technical Community College and the Gene Editing Institute, based in ChristianaCare’s Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute. The workshop, designed for community college instructors, will share information and curriculum within the field, as well as a video-recorded lab demonstration. At the conclusion of the workshop, you will be able to incorporate gene editing curriculum into the courses you teach.

Funding for this workshop comes from the National Science ... Read more

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Using CRISPR-Cas9 with Out of the Blue CRISPR Gene Editing and Genotying Kits in the Classroom. Remember: many Bio-Rad products are discounted for K-12 and undergrad classes! More free resources: bio-rad/classroomresources For help visit: Read more
Bio-Rad Laboratories scientists presented gene editing and genotyping lab activities from Bio-Rad’s Out of the Blue CRISPR Gene Editing and Genotyping Extension Kits. Read more
Fri, Jan 29 2021

Through funding from a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (NSF-ATE) grant, we have developed an innovative laboratory exercise and curriculum on CRISPR gene editing. The kit exercise provides the ability to perform state of the art CRISPR gene editing laboratory procedures, giving students at the high school and introductory college course level the ability to learn the science behind current gene editing efforts without the need for elaborate materials or equipment. At its base, this exercise enables students to practice CRISPR-directed gene editing using a ... Read more

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Fri, Oct 16 2020

Professor Doug Bruce from Laney College will talk about implementing at-home biotech kits in his introductory biotech lab class. Doug adopted kits and curriculum from The Odin, a Bay Area biotech company that sells “biohacking" kits, and provided students with all the equipment they would need to complete the labs at home. In addition, Doug will show how his students are using an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) for collecting data.

Read more about pandemic-inspired innovation at Laney College: ... Read more

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Josiah Zayner talks about his origin story as a biohacker and why he believes tools like CRISPR should be made accessible to all. For more info, go to ... View video

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EA Stewart
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Together CRISPR and Cas provide bacteria with an adaptive immune system that allows them to identify and defend against new viral invaders. While characterizing the basic biology of this system, researchers discovered that the Cas9 protein could be harnessed to engineer genomic DNA. In this session, we discuss the basic biology of the CRISPR / Cas system and discuss how researchers are using this system in new ways to engineer living things. Presenters : ​ Thomas Tubon, Ph.D. Madison College, WI Sandra Porter, Ph.D. Bio-Link, Digital World Biology LLC Read more