Leadership Institute

InnovATEBIO Biosciences Leadership Institute

The Biosciences Leadership Institute is a professional development program which targets promising community college instructors, administrators and certain high school instructors who wish to pursue leadership principles from an industry perspective.  The institute is based on a very successful program called the Biosciences industry Fellows Program which was designed to provide its participants an exposure to industry via multiple site visits to industry and discussions with industry experts. The Bioscience Leadership Institute is about leadership. It is a program that during the current pandemic will take place via virtual discussion and interviews with industry, workforce and academic leaders. The program will commence in June 2021 through a virtual medium and end with an onsite session in June 2022.  

By taking the program participants will:

  1. Learn their leadership styles
  2. Interface with Industry, workforce and academic experts
  3. Learn what industry leaders look for in Leadership candidates(traits)
  4. Learn how to approach and solve industry issues through business cases
  5. Learn the value of team work