What is an InnovATEBIO program?

An InnovATEBIO program is a college program that is committed to the following InnovATEBIO goals:

  1. Increase the number and diversity of well-educated technicians in the biotechnology and bioscience work force.
  2. Partner with industry and academia to ensure that technicians have the appropriate education for the bioscience workforce.
  3. Encourage sustainable community college educational practices that provide high quality education and training in the concepts, tools, skills, processes, regulatory structure, and ethics of biotechnology. 
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing program evaluation and alignment with the needs of students and industry.


Characteristics of InnovATEBIO programs

InnovATEBIO programs:
  • Are based at two-year colleges or four year colleges that offer a 1-2 year degree or certificate in biotechnology or bioscience related areas.
  • Include many hours of hands-on laboratory experience 
  • Are committed to preparing students to enter the biotechnology or life-science workforce.
  • Often work with an advisory board that includes members of local industry and academia and meets at least once a year.
  • Have established outcomes for student learning.
  • Often include an internship experience for students.
  • Provide on-going professional development for program faculty.


To be considered a InnovATEBIO program, a program must:

Participate in the InnovATEBIO community through one or more of the following methods:

  • the InnovATEBIO Facebook group,
  • the InnovATEBIO LinkedIn group,
  • follow @bio_link on Twitter 

InnovATEBIO programs are also expected to:

  • Participate in InnovATEBIO surveys 
  • Respond to requests for information
  • Credit InnovATEBIO for support where appropriate
  • Contribute to the InnovATEBIO community  through one or more of the following mechanisms: 
    • Help recruit former students to contribute photo diaries to the Biotech-Careers.org site
    • Update and add information to your program section on the InnovATEBIO web site
    • Write a blog post for the InnovATEBIO web site
    • Your choice – we know you're a creative group!


Why join the InnovATEBIO community?

By joining InnovATEBIO and participating as an InnovATEBIO program, you will have:

  • A way to share what you know and learn from others
  • National recognition for your program 
  • An area on the InnovATEBIO website for your program with a map that links to nearby employers
  • Assistance and instruction in editing and updating your program area 
  • The ability to post events on the InnovATEBIO site 
  • Help with building awareness for your program among local employers 
  • Priority access for conference registrations 
  • Eligibility for mini-grants to support program activities 
  • Assistance in finding help for running your program 
  • The ability to advertise for faculty positions on the InnovATEBIO web site 
  • A blog where you can write about your program


Become an InnovATEBIO program

Read about member benefits and view application forms.

Once you have completed an application form, we will set up a page for your program and help you get started.