ATE Project Talks: Galvanizing Gaps in Classroom to Career and Antibody Alchemy

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Talk 1: Antibody Alchemy: Transforming Students into Scientists Description: In 'Antibody Alchemy: Transforming Students into Scientists,' we embark on an educational journey that transcends traditional learning, blending classroom education with the rigorous science of antibody engineering. Our program is designed as a crucible for innovation, where theoretical knowledge meets practical application. In this talk, we will highlight our blend of curriculum that balances cutting-edge lectures with hands-on laboratory experiences. We will share how we guide our students through the immune system to uncover the secrets of antibody engineering and development.

Speakers: Dylan Bulseco, PhD (PI) Institute for Future Intelligence, Brien Haun, PhD, John Berestecky PhD (CoPI) Kapiolani Community College, Honolulu, HI

Talk 2: Galvanizing Gaps in Classroom to Career Description: In addition to resumes and mock interviews for college to career readiness, Project-Based Learning (PBL) proved to be tremendously useful. Pedagogy of PBL encourages students to learn and apply knowledge and skills through a guided and engaging experience. Public presentation of their own work cultivates the self confidence in every student reflected in their interviews with employers.

Speaker: Chander Arora PhD, Los Angeles Mission College, Los Angeles, CA