Developing CUREs for Antibody Engineering

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    Antibodies are arguably the most important class of proteins in biotechnology. These proteins are used in biological research, clinical diagnostic tests, therapeutic drugs, and laboratory services. Over 333 US employers in over 500 locations carry out research and / or manufacture products based on antibodies including rapid tests for COVID-19. The expanding use of antibodies as therapeutic drugs is spurring companies to hunt for antibodies with new specificities. At the same time, the challenges with antibody manufacturing and stability are encouraging companies to engineer these proteins to lower production costs. We are responding to the need for creating new antibodies and antibodies that can be manufactured more easily by developing research projects that incorporate related topics and technical skills. This talk will focus on the results of our first Antibody Engineering Hackathon, which we launched as a means to catalyze project creation and build a community of collaborators.

    Speakers: Sandra Porter, PhD, Sheela Vemu, PhD

    Team members:  Aron Kamajaya, PhD, Margaret Bryans, PhD, Sheela Vemu, PhD, Feather Ives, Todd Smith, PhD, Allissa Dillman, PhD,