Development of Genome Editing Coursework: A collaboration with Industry


Description:  Our grant funding is supporting, with the input of our local area bioscience industry, the development of two genome editing courses to be implemented into our biotechnology program at St. Louis Community College Florissant Valley.  These courses will provide advanced coursework in the technologies and procedures used in the genome editing laboratories locally, while providing a great overview and understanding of the editing of a genome, and the ethics and concepts involved.  Students will learn the basic history and ideas behind each of the hands-on laboratory techniques they will actually do in the lab, guided by instructors well versed in the technology. Genome editing I is being offered for the second half of the spring semester 2022.

Speakers:  Elizabeth Boedecker PhD, District Director, Thi Nguyen, Center for Plant and Life Sciences, St. Louis Community College Florissant Valley, St. Louis, MO