InnovATEBIO Community and State Team meetings Part II Presentation


Event Details: 

All members of the InnovATEBIO community are invited to come meet with us and share information about your work.  We are requesting state teams, especially, to share results from their meetings and updates on their progress.

InnovATEBIO's primary mission is to assist and prepare 2-year biotechnology programs in developing biotechnology workforce ecosystems. We recognize the immediate need to recruit students, increase program recognition, and meet the technician needs of industry across the nation. To do this, we keep track of industry emerging trends that will affect technicians and assist programs with their challenges. The Bioscience Summit held in June at the National Academies of Sciences focused on these tasks. Twenty-one state teams met and worked on identifying their state workforce challenges and learning about emerging trends. One of the recommendations from the Summit Report was that the center assist the state teams. To catalyze this work, we are having a Community and State Team Webinar on Dec 8th to update and share information on what some of the teams have been doing post-summit and provide insight on the role of the center in aiding teams, and plans for the future.