Soil Microbiome of Urban Tilth's North Richmond Farm

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Soil Microbiome Project at CCC: On Campus Internship, Authentic Service to Community Customer, Recruiting STEM Students Workshop Presenter: Katie Krolikowski

In response to analysis of labor needs for the high concentration of R&D firms in the region, the biotechnology program at Contra Costa College in San Pablo, CA has been increasing its focus on making its training attractive to STEM students intending to transfer to 4-year institutions, while continuing to serve certificate- and associates degree populations. Learn how we have contextualized our ’standard’ training curriculum to a research project that surveys the changes in the microbiome in the soil of a local farm being developed by Urban Tilth, an organization committed to building a sustainable, healthy, and just food system where residents of Richmond “Grow your own!” Though currently supported by CA’s Strong Workforce Program funding sources, this project did not appear as a full-fledged program in Spring of 2017 when those fund became available! Key groundwork that set up this project, including grant projects, partnership with community organizations, professional development and advisory board insights, will be shared.