Hazardous Materials

Welcome to the Hazardous Materials course-in-a-box. This course is not designed as a safety training course. The educational philosophy of this course, like that of most of the courses in the Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Program, is that properly educated technical students will have the skills and mindset to be trained as excellent technicians by their future employers. Therefore, much of the emphasis of this course focuses on two purposes:

  • Introducing the tools students will need to work safely in the laboratory

  • Developing the mindset that students will use to plan and carry out their work

While this course-in-a-box includes a weekly plan for activities and lectures, there will be few courses that will have as much time, or time in the same format, to devote to this material. Therefore, a teachers' guide has been provided to help instructors pick and choose the material that will best meet their own needs, and to illustrate how we, in the Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Program at Madison Area Technical College, use these materials in the classroom and laboratory to help students learn to take responsibility for their own safe work environment.

Submitted by Mary Ellen Kraus


Published textbook:

Laboratory Manual for Biotechnology and Laboratory Science: The Basics (Lisa A. Seidman, Mary Ellen Kraus, Diana L. Brandner and Jeanette Mowery) ISBN: 978-0321644022

Additional materials for Hazardous Materials*

  • Syllabus
  • Lectures
  • Classroom activities
  • Laboratory exercises
  • Assessments
  • Teachers' guide

Supplemental Biosafety Materials*

  • Biosafety competencies and estimated time requirements
  • Biosafety lectures
  • Biosafety laboratory exercises
  • Biosafety assessments
  • Biosafety teachers' guide

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Open Materials:  

The schedule below describes the typical progression of students through this course. Each week is devoted to one or several competencies, and is supported by a combination of reading assignments, classroom activities and lectures, laboratory exercises, homework assignments and assessments. This schedule is organized into modules which may be reordered, removed or enhanced, depending upon the needs of the students.

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