Jan-Philip Prahl of the Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts Process Development Unit (ABPDU) speaks about downstream processing considerations at the pilot scale (300-L). The talk covers cell separation (centrifugation), protein concentration (TFF), and diafiltration (UF/DF). View video

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A quick catchy introduction to biomanufacturing at Laney College. View video

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Dr. Margaret Bryans describes the upstream and downstream processes in biomanufacturing along with the types of data that are collected and methods for analysis. These data sets and the protocols used to produce them are currently available from ... View video

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Sandra Porter
Downstream Manufacturing Module
Sandra Porter
An IgG antibody colored by molecule
EA Stewart
Amgen Virtual Tour
Sandra Porter
Coomassie stained gel

This webinar features Bruce Van Dyke from Quincy College, MA, describing on-line tools for investigating protein purification and Dr. Margaret Bryans from Montgomery County Community College discussing virtual lab materials for downstream processing.  

The webinar covers:

1. How ... View video

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This webinar features Bruce Van Dyke from Quincy College, MA, describing a virtual system for learning about the upstream portion of biomanufacturing.  

The webinar covers:

1. An overview of the steps involved

2. A discussion of the equipment used at each step

3. ... View video

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Deb Audino from Great Bay Community College demonstrates how to end a run in the Applikon Bioreactor and take it apart.

You might also like to see how to assemble and run an Applikon Bioreactor. View video

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